Real life nutrition: How to prevent nutrition-related diseases and improve your overall health with Dr. Dana Al-Hamwi

We’re pleased to welcome today Dr. Dana Al Hamwi, award winning medical doctor and certified clinical dietician, founder of Dr. Dana Diet Center (DDDC) in Dubai and a regular expert commentator with a weekly segment on MBC and Dubai TV

With a Doctorate in Medicine from the University of Damascus and a Master degree in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Sheffield in the UK, Dr Dana is a sought-after Dietitian specialized in “real life nutrition”.

For Dr Dana, spreading awareness about healthy eating habits and the importance of a balanced nutrition is an integral part of the medical profession and has led her to be highly involved in volunteering projects since her young years in Syria, and to be extremely active in running awareness campaigns across all Media platforms and through private organizations and governmental institutions. Nowadays she is the Clinical Dietician of Emirates Diabetes Society and has been awarded as Distinguished health professional from Dubai Healthcare City in 2019.

So, let’s welcome Dr Dana for some advises on healthy eating but also for some sneak peeks on the latest treatments…

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