Meeting Salina Handa, the Heart & Mind behind SensAsia Urban Spas’ Sanctuary of Harmony and Tranquility

For this new episode of our Unlimited Perspective Series, we’re entering into a sanctuary of tranquility and wellness with special guest Salina Handa!

Salina is the founder of SensAsia Urban Spa, the award-winning, home-grown spa brand that has developed to become Dubai’s largest spa chain.

Salina blended her experience in Corporate Marketing & Branding, with her legacy to Thailand, and in 2004 opened her flagship spa at the Village, in Jumeirah, pioneering the boutique spa trend not only in Dubai but in the whole Region.

Awarded Best Spa in 2011 by What’s On, Salina has been a participating judge for the World Spa Awards since 2014 as well as speaking at Professional Beauty London and GCC conferences.

Throughout the expansion of SensAsia Urban Spa following its extraordinary success among Dubai residents and local community, Salina and her team have become advocates on the benefits of massage and body treatments for the overall health and wellbeing..

If wellbeing is a reflection of a good life-work balance, Salina takes us through her years as new mum of twin daughters, school runs till the recent home-learning, while managing to expand SensAsia Urban Spa to consultancy, with SPA People, and launching a new concept that we could only dream of: Spa Stories.

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