How a playdate led to the award winning platform Bookends to spread the love of reading sustainably and affordably.

For this new episode of Unlimited Women’s Brands, I’m pleased to introduce you to Grace Karim and Somia Anwar,  founders of Bookends!Grace is a teacher, an author and mother of two enthusiastic readers, Omar and Adam. Somia is a lecturer at University and also a mother of two avid readers, Zoha and Abdullah.Their kids were growing up fast and were quickly outgrowing their books, to a point that it wasn’t easy to keep up with their appetite. How not to relate? That is when the concept of Bookends came into being.A winning pitch at the Sharjah Incubators competition in 2019 and a project born during playdates, quickly became the leading UAE platform for preloved books.There might be many marketplaces but Bookends is led by the belief that reading is a treat for the soul and the mind and should never be taken for granted. Grace and Somia, want to bring back the love of reading by making books more affordable and more sustainable. Let’s hear from them how!

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