Briar Prestidge, the Serial Entrepreneur Who Dresses Glamorous and Powerful Women.

We are thrilled to welcome Briar Prestidge.

Originally from New Zealand, Briar has had an international career that saw her thrive in New York, London and Australia. However, it was in Dubai where she truly flourished, making headlines in the field of Digital Communication, PR Strategy and Branding.

Within 5 years of entering the entrepreneurial world in Dubai, Briar was named Top 100 Most Influential in the UAE, and she has been featured in numerous renowned publications, including Forbes, Entrepreneur, The National and Grazia Magazine. She was also chosen amongst thousands of business owners to compete in an Amazon Prime reality TV series about entrepreneurs.

Briar is now the Founder and CEO of Prestidge Group, a PR, branding and production agency managing high profile personal brands for HNWI, C-level executives, technology experts, celebrities and investors in UAE, Saudi Arabia, US and UK.

In her talk show, “Deals in High Heels” she surrounds herself with prominent and inspiring female entrepreneurs from the Region and it is for these ladies and in collaboration with them that Briar has created a new fashion brand offering unique and authentic high-quality suits and corporate fashion.

Against all odds, Briar was able to successfully launch her brand in the midst of the pandemic. So, let’s welcome Briar to find out how she did it!

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