Myrna Trad Haddad’s After Midnights: Fighting Fears and Struggles for a New Tomorrow.

This is the first episode of our brand-new series: “Features by Unlimited” where we present young and emerging talents, giving them a voice and sharing awareness around their stories and enterprises.

Today we are pleased to welcome Myrna Trad Haddad, the author of the new book, After Midnight.

Born and raised in Lebanon, Myrna fought socio-cultural pressures to marry young and strived instead to build an independent life for herself. Myrna has been working1 since she was a teenager in order to pay for her studies. Her perseverance and strength led her to a promising career notwithstanding harassment from bosses, loneliness and addiction.

Silent for many years but fascinated by our mission and empowered by the interviews in our first season of Unlimited, Myrna reached out to us to share her story.

Myrna is an example of the resilience and courage that characterize the many silenced women around us, whose story we never get the chance to hear…

We met with her in Dubai where she travelled to apply for the Sheikh Zayed Young Author Award.

So, please join us in this premiere interview and let’s wish her all the best for her new book.

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