Raising Healthy, Happy, Resilient Children with Dr Linda Abu Jaber

In this new episode of Unlimited Footpath series, we’ll discuss about parenting and how to raise healthy, happy and resilient children!

NO, it won’t a typical talk about motherhood, in fact we’ll start from the figure and the role of the father, as this episode is dedicated to Professor Kamel Abu Jaber, father of Dr Linda Abu Jaber, who’s joining us today from Jordan. We reached out to her to answer all the questions that we received from you though our Social media channels asking us to talk about how to deal with children anxiety, mental health, bullying, cyber security and much more.

Why Dr Linda? Well, she has been practicing medicine for over 30 years and is American Board Certified in General Pediatrics, in Pediatric Infectious Diseases and in Integrative and Holistic Medicine. She’s also the author of 2 books dedicated to parenting and allergies with a 3rd one on anxiety just about to be published.

The 360’ approach in her profession is the reflection of her personal journey as caring daughter, loving wife, and working mother of 2 very active children which has led her to embrace a mission : to empower moms and dads with evidence-based, easy to use, practical information, tips and skills to be the best version of themselves, to enjoy strong marriages and to confidently and happily raise healthy, happy, resilient children.

Grab your pen and paper and be ready to take note and then put her tips right into practice

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