From a Job to a Mission with empowering coach Federica Mele

With this new episode we’re proud to launch our Brand new podcast series titled “Unlimited Talks”.

This podcast is a result of an incredibly successful Talk Series that we kick started at the beginning of the year under the title “Unlimited Beyond Inspirational”.

The first of these events “From A Job To A Mission”, broadcasted Live via Zoom,  took place on January 12th at Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery in Bluewater Island – Dubai. It focused on the journeys of successful and inspiring women who drastically shifted their corporate career paths to embrace their real missions.

Among the panelists were Federica Mele, who we are pleased to welcome back to Unlimited today to walk us through her personal and professional journey and to help us answer some key and recurring  questions: what is our Mission? what is our Purpose? How can we identify these things and pursue them beyond predefined paths and goals? Ultimately, Why do we do what we do?

Federica is a Former Marketing manager in a leading corporate reality, with extensive experience in Retail in emerging markets, Customer Experience, Customer and Employees Satisfaction, Education/ training programs and multichannel communication. After nearly 20 years of managing global projects and after a relocation from Milan to Dubai she decided to embrace her passion and pursue her purpose by starting her own Consulting Firm. That’s how throughout the last 6 years Federica has been leading empowerment coaching programs for corporate companies, executives and employees with the specific mission of empowering people to discover and maximize their potential.

Now, let’s welcome Federica and learn from her own journey and her coaching experience.

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