At Unlimited we give voice to women and mothers that go beyond the boundaries of everyday life – mothers that forge a path for themselves and for others that is different, innovative and that surpasses the mainstream.

We celebrate the diversity, talent, generosity, intelligence, commitment, creativity, love, and the passion of amazing mothers that forge different perspectives on the world, including personalities you may not have heard of yet. Listen to their stories through our podcasts and videos to discover how their unlimited journeys cross your path too.


 تُتيح “ماما بلا حدود” الفرصة للأمهات اللواتي تجاوزن حدود العادي وشقّوا لأنفسهن عن طريق إبداعهن، طريقًا مختلفًا ومميزًا عن الآخرين، للتعبير عن قصصهم وتقديم ما لديهن من نصائح وإيجابيات.

 نحن نحتفل بإبداع واختلاف وشغف وذكاء وحب والتزام الأمهات اللواتي سيطرحون وجهات نظر مختلفة حول العالم، بما في ذلك شخصيات لم تسمعين عنها من قبل. استمعي الى قصصهم الملهمة عبر مدوناتنا الصوتيّة ومقاطع الفيديو واكتشفي كيف يمكنها أن تلهمكِ أنتِ أيضًا بشق طريق الإبداع بنفسكِ.


After months of preparation and planning, it was actually the lockdown in Dubai that gave us the time and the focus we needed to turn the project into reality: a bilingual platform with podcasts and video content to engage mothers and women in inspiring conversations while providing focused and practical tools and information. 

A challenging environment and unforeseen restrictions turned into a unique opportunity to finalise our project and go live on June 1st 2020. Just one more example of what unlimited women can achieve. 



Daniela Rossi

Ever since I can remember I’ve always been on a quest for unique experiences and authentic stories.
I threw javelin in Athletic when most were playing volleyball and I studied Chinese when most were not even studying a foreign language. 

At the age of 22 back in the good old 90s, way before smartphones and WiFi, I was traveling across the Far East interviewing local authorities and local business owners for my bachelor thesis. I never said “No” to opportunities and this brought me to live and work from Milan, to Melbourne, London and then finally to Dubai.

Throughout my 20 years in buying and merchandising working for international companies in online and offline retail I always searched for the stories behind brands. That allowed me to successfully empower young entrepreneurs, independent designers and emerging brands providing them with launching platforms to tell their story, allowing them to enter into new markets and expand their distribution network.

But my quest isn’t over and probably will never be. Call me nostalgic but having seen my daughters growing into young women without me realising it because I was always too busy working (my youngest used to call me “Ladyger”, her feminine vision of a “Man-ager”!!!) , brought me to embark in this new mission to search and tell genuine stories of powerful women and inspiring mothers…to leave a meaningful legacy to the young generations. 

Nicoletta Danieli

Throughout the last…many years, I have been blessed by having crossed paths with amazing women and men from a vast range of backgrounds and with diverse aspirations. Ministers, entrepreneurs, ambitious single working women as well as the wives of expats trying to find their place away from their home countries, all of them spread across the globe–from South America to Europe and from the Far East to the Middle East–their stories and experiences have inspired mine as I learned to live and work around the world.

My day job is concerned with connecting people through information, products, and ideas. However, what truly makes me happy is being able to create and re-create stories and to bring to life, expose, and share different realties.

So, it is my great pleasure to partner with Daniela at Unlimited and together we discover a world of new stories that can inspire and entertain mothers and women far and wide.


Heather Ashley

Born in Japan, raised in Texas, and currently residing in New York, Heather is no stranger to adventure. She is a dancer, singer, actor, activist. She was most recently seen in a site-specific bilingual play in Kagoshima, Japan, and the seasonal tour of the 3 Redneck Tenor’s Spec-tac-YULE-ar, as Edna Mae. It is important to Heather to provide a safe space for thought provoking conversations that can give a greater understanding of the different experiences of the people around us. 

Heather recently co-founded with Joe Ortiz, Women of HerStory, a podcast dedicated to celebrating and recognizing women who made, or are making their mark on our society and shares with Unlimited a selection of podcasts episodes that are dear to both platforms’ mission.

Isabel Sanchez Danieli

Isabel Sanchez Danieli is an Italian-Colombian Sonic Artist based in London. Alongside her background as a classically trained pianist, her creative repertoire includes the production and performance of a range of electronic music genres – primarily electroacoustic music and techno & electro – under the stage name MINOS. Offstage, she has also accrued professional experience in audio recording, editing and mixing, film scoring, and podcast production for a range of films and clients, including the NETFLIX production Green Frontier. She has recently founded MINOS SOUND, a London based company offering a range of services related to sound & music.


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