Find Your WILD with Founder Emma E. Burdett

With a solid background in construction and interiors sector, after encountering significant challenges in the workplace while in UK,  Emma moved to Dubai where a large corporate firm asked her to set up a Women’s Empowerment platform. This quickly became a staple, vibrant and integral network within the UAE; but a sudden and further triggering situation at work brought Emma to a breaking point.

Broke and broken, she ventured on a journey of self-discovery which led her to the striking realization that inspiring Women was indeed a passion, and that bringing Women together, creating a community and making a difference was something she felt compelled to do.

This was the beginning of WILD, a platform for ALL women to come together, feel a sense of belongingness, hold events where Women can network with purpose. Most recently it developed into WILD Woman Transformational coaching to help Women overcome fears, build confidence, find and use their voice, stand and speak in public with impact and to become POWERFUL.

As we get to know that WILD stands for Women In Leadership Deliver…it’s time to unleash the WILD Woman trapped inside us and welcome Emma on our platform!

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