Sharifa and Nadia Sehweil, the philanthropist mother-daughter duo role models through wellness and healthy living

To celebrate Mother’s Day and for the first time ever on Unlimited we’re releasing this exclusive podcast interview with not 1 but 2 special guests!

For this new episode of Unlimited Women’s Brands, we’re honored to introduce you, mother and daughter duo Sharifa and Nadia Sehweil.

Business partners, entrepreneurs and philanthropists, Nadia and Sharifa are the Co-Founders of Bodytree Studio, the premiere holistic center in Abu Dhabi for wellness and healing

They’ve been described as “the leaders of the wellness community in Abu Dhabi” and a lot has been written and told about Nadia and Sharifa over the years. We’re honored to welcome them in person to Unlimited to hear their story and mission, with their own voice.

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