Hebah Fisher On Unlimited : Podcast Pioneer In Mena Region And CEO Of Kerning Cultures

We’re proud to welcome …Hebah Fisher, the absolute pioneer in podcast across Mena Region!

Half American and half Egyptian, brought up between Bahrain, Saudi, Egypt, UAE and the States, Hebah felt that there was no media that was speaking to her generation. Not the radio, nor the TV. So she ventured into podcasting and she built the very first Middle East podcast network: with 7 shows, in Arabic and English, and a team spread across 7 times zones.

Thanks to her background as serial entrepreneur building microfinance and business education programs in the Gulf and the States, Hebah had the business acumen, the knowhow and the determination to reach out for investors at a time and in a sector that was still widely unexplored. This brought her to become the founder and CEO of the first venture backed podcast network in MENA, Kerning Cultures.

What we’re doing at Unlimited wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for someone like Hebah Fisher who literally paved our path. She’s the one that started to tell the stories of this Region and we couldn’t be happier to having her as our guest on Unlimited to tell her story.

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