“Empathy for Breakfast” Host, Mimi Nicklin, on Inspiring Change Everyday

For this new episode of Unlimited perspective series we’re glad to introduce you to Mimi Nicklin, International Best Selling Author of “Softening the Edge”, host of the ‘Empathy for Breakfast’ show as well as the ‘Secrets of The Gap’ which was recently nominated among the top 5 best Podcasts in UAE by Khaleej Times.

Creative Officer and Regional Managing Director for a global advertising agency, Mimi has lived in London, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Singapore, Cape Town and now Dubai, and worked for over 15 years in 25 markets across the globe with the mission to change organisations from the inside out, focusing on cultural, behavioural and mindset change.

She’s an Empathy Ambassador who believes that `Empathetic influence can make a significant difference to our society and world of work, and her HER GOAL is TO inspire change, FILL THE EMPATHY GAP AND REBUILD OUR SOCIETIES AND BUSINESSES WORLDWIDE, ONE ORGANISATION, AT A TIME!

So today we’re here to contribute to MiMi’s mission and spread her message about Empathy.

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