S.H.E. is the one! Be Seen, Heard and Empowered with award winning journalist Nima Abu Wardeh

For this new episode of our Unlimited Groundbreaking series we are thrilled to host a guest speaker who embodies the true essence of our platform … Nima Abu Wardeh.

Nima is a mother, an expert and one of the most inspiring and energetic people we ever met. She is an award-winning broadcast journalist, she’s regarded as an opinion leader, she is approached by think-tanks, by the corporate world and by government entities for her insight. Nima regularly chairs and is a speaker at regional and global gatherings and has worked alongside the United Nations and the World Economic Forum.

Throughout her career Ms Abu Wardeh dedicated herself to enable people to empower themselves. This is why she recently created the S.H.E.Strategy – a practical program keeping women Seen.Heard.Empowered

So here S.H.E. comes

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