Human Intelligence and Emerging Technologies with Dr Sana Farid

In this new episode of Unlimited Perspectives series Dr Sana Farid introduces us to emerging technologies such as VR, AR and helps us to understand how , from her perspective, the use of futuristic technologies can make the world a better place.

Dr. Sana Farid is a Pioneer in X-Reality and an Ai Strategist. She is a General Surgeon , an avid researcher, and a powerful educational reformer. She’s been featured by Forbes, Harvard Business Review, and Entrepreneur ME in 2018 and listed among the top 100 women transforming the future of Bahrain,

She’s co-founder and CEO of Munfarid, the fastest growing tech innovation firm in the region and is extensively supporting both Government and Non-Government initiatives related to strategizing and streamlining Artificial Intelligence and Immersive Technologies across various sectors, including Healthcare, Aviation, Education, and Public Services.

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