Paper Motions with rising Lebanese artist Liane Mathes Rabbath

Today we interview Liane Mathes Rabbath, an artist that has been living in Lebanon for over 30 years. The interview was recorded remotely during the Covid-19 Pandemic as she answered our questions from Beirut.

Liane is very dear to us because she is the creator of the art piece we chose to visually represent our Unlimited vision on our website homepage and other social media platforms. We were looking for a piece full of warm colors, sophisticated, meaningful and somehow linked to our Brand name and concept, Unlimited. We found her piece ArtyBubble Circle online and we fell in love with Liane’s artwork even before knowing who she was and where she came from.

Liane Mathes Rabbath became well known in the Lebanese and European art scene for the use of local designed wrapping paper as a medium to create collages. She has been exhibiting in Lebanon, France, Switzerland, Italy, Luxembourg and Monaco and her Circle pieces have even reached the Saatchi Art Gallery. We are very happy to introduce you to her colorful, joyful and meaningful world.

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