Dr Houriya Kazim, UAE First Female Surgeon, on Breaking the Taboo about Breast Cancer

We can’t discuss breast cancer in the UAE without reaching out to the FIRST FEMALE SURGEON in the country.

So, for this new episode of our Unlimited Groudbreaking series, we’re honored to welcome Dr Houriya Kazim.

Born in the Emirates to a family of doctors and daughter of the first surgeon in the UAE, becoming a doctor was probably expected of the young Houriya. She stood out in the male dominated sector and would go on to become the first female surgeon in the UAE. She was also the first to openly and publicly address what had been considered a taboo subject for decades: Breast cancer.

She founded the Well Woman Clinic, an institution which offers women a safe and welcoming environment where they can receive professional advice regarding health concerns. She also launched Dubai’s first breast cancer support group and charity, Brest Friends, now supported by the Al Jalila Foundation to promote the early detection of breast cancer, facilitate medical treatment and, most importantly, establish and fund local research into the epidemiology of breast cancer in the UAE.

With a double Fellowship from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and England, as well as a Master’s of Public Health (MPH) in Epidemiology from the University of Texas School of Public Health, Dr Houriya is recognized as the UAE’s most prominent breast surgeon. And she’s also a proud mother of two!

How did she do it? Let’s hear from Dr Houriya herself and her Unlimited mission to fight Breast Cancer.

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