Abu Dhabi to California and back: finding the center with pioneering urbanist Alamira Reem.

Alamira Reem Al Hashimi is not only an urbanist, architect and historian; she is the first Emirati woman to be awarded a PhD in urban planning and she’s the author of Planning Abu Dhabi – the first urban history book of Abu Dhabi.

Dr. Alamira Reem is actively engaged on a strategic level with government initiatives as Cultural Advisor at the UAE Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development where she manages the UAE Architecture project.

In this interview Alamira Reem explains to us how she became the successful urbanist that she is today and opens up about the challenges that she faced along the way and the invaluable support that she found in her family circle and through meditation.  

Interviewing Alamira Reem  for Unlimited is Bolutiwi Aiyesimoju, an Executive Coach, Life Coach and Health Coach who graduated from the most prestigious Institutes across the world and is a precious host and contributor for Unlimited.

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